BUY the Panels 325W (inc. Racking for tin roof)

Panels 325W (inc. Racking for tin roof)

$300.00 inc. GST

CEC approved Tier1 panels are provided. A minimum of 8 panels can be used with each BlackMax. The solar panels are provided with the required racking for them to be installed on a tin roof. Your complete system arrives on a single pallet. We can provide you with Tindo Australian Made panels on request.


Additional information

Weight (max) 19kg per panel
Dimensions 40D x 1690H x 1000W mm
Brand JA Solar JAM60S17 325W
Tindo Karra (on request)
Model Mono PERC, Mono, Poly
Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 4 × 100 × 169 cm