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(Includes one BlackMax 4.1 kWh Battery)

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The BlackMax Solar Power System is an ideal solution if you want to power a shed, weekender or small house that is not connected to grid power. It has the ability to generate all of its own energy and has a battery capacity of up to 3x 4.1kWh (12.3kWh of battery power).

The BlackMax also has Auto Gen-Start feature if you have a compatible generator.

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Additional information

Solar Input Connect up to 5KW of Solar panels (max. 450Vdc) - eg 10 to 16 x 325W panels.
Power Output 5000 VA continuous & 10000 VA Surge.
Battery Options 1 to 3 battery modules (4.1kWh) *Price includes 1 battery
Electrical Connection - 15 Amp outlet plug
- Option to hard-wire to an external switch board
-15 Amp inlet plug (for generator)
Monitoring - Bluetooth
- Detachable Display (Cat5 cable up to 20m)
- Optional remote monitoring on mobile devices and PC (subject to network availability)
Weight (max) 95kg (185kg)
Dimensions 1020(h) x 750(w) x 49(d) mm
Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 49 × 73 × 102 cm